L’heure des Loups

    225 :162 cm | Unicum



    Linocut print, pecil and acrylics on Japanese Kochi Mashi paper

    Most women in Maayke’s work are known as symbols of strength and successful emancipation. Examples are Michelle Obama and AndrĂ©e Putman. The “women’s rights” theme is also being discussed, in the work ‘She Decides’ and ‘The Feminist Movement study’.

    Angelina Jolie stands central as a strong woman in the work “L’heure des Loups”. She is accompanied by six wolves, who are hungry and greedy around her. Are these lusty men in her life? Or maybe just her kids who want to be fed? It’s all in the eye of the beholder …

    Angelina Jolie combines her beauty and sex appeal with bold choices she made in her life that serve as an example to many.

    “L’heure des Loups” is a large and impressive work of which only 1 copy has been made. Angelina is completely hand-cut from linoleum and then printed on Koshi Machi paper, which is handmade for Maayke in Japan. The wolves are drawn in pencil and the carcass they indulge is painted with acrylic paint. The frame has a color specifically developed for Maayke. The whole is provided with museum glass by Profilex, which provides the framing for many museums in Amsterdam.

    The work was to be exhibited in 2020, but Covid-19 prevented this from taking place.