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    The movement: The world is currently leaving the Yang era (masculine energy), an episode in history highlighted by masculine domination, war and oppression, and entering a new era of Yin (feminine energy). The fine example of Kamala Harris becoming the first woman to be vice president-elect is an intelligent and much needed result.

    The work was part of BOX2020, a collection box in which Maayke has included 6 works that represent important themes of the year 2020. Maayke will make a new collection box containing works containing topics about this year.

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    The box contains 6 hand printed works, in linocut print, silkscreen and stencil printing. The box measures approximately 54: 40 cm (21,26: 15,75 inch) and the works are printed on specially selected handmade paper. Each work is numbered and signed. As a collector and art lover you can follow and keep the development of Maayke over the years.