George Floyd

      Black Lives Matter rules the news
      Part of BOX2020

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      George Floyd “: The terrible death of George Floyd has not only sparked protests in America, but also in Europe and the Netherlands. The “Black Lives Matter” theme is close to Maayke’s heart and she has also made other works of art that refer to this last year, such as; “Black is Beautiful”.

      The work was part of BOX2020, a collection box in which Maayke has included 6 works that represent important themes of the year 2020. Maayke will make a new collection box containing works containing topics about this year.

      CONTENTS Box2020 – “The Corona Year”

      The box contains 6 hand printed works, in linocut print, silkscreen and stencil printing. The box measures approximately 54: 40 cm (21,26: 15,75 inch) and the works are printed on specially selected handmade paper. Each work is numbered and signed. As a collector and art lover you can follow and keep the development of Maayke over the years.