Save Solidarity

The silent disaster of 2022
Part of BOX2022


‘ Save Solidarity ‘ The silent disaster of 2022; Never before were so many children with extreme hunger in the world, more than 10.000 children die daily from chronic poor nutrition. Climate change, scarcity, the pandamic and war mean we are currently experiencing one of the most threatening catastrophes in 40 years and the situation continues to deteriorate.
Every child born on this planet has the right to eat. We live in a world where we have enough food for everyone, but not everyone has enough food!
Malnutrition leads to early developmental problems that cause stunted growth and serious diseases. Being born into poverty and having no access to food means very few opportunities to grow, be healthy, be happy and have the opportunities that more privileged individuals take for granted. Hunger deprives children of much more than just food. It deprives them of the opportunity to grow strong enough to take care of themselves, get an education, take care of their families, and enjoy their lives. A child without food has a small chance of really living. And what do we do, the privileged ones… in which world do you want to live?!

Technique: Spray paint and three color silkscreen on handmade Japanese Gampi paper, hand signed