The Battle II

      100 : 65 cm | Edition 50


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      Silkscreen and acrylic on Fabriano paper

      Following on from the edition ‘The Battle’, Maayke now comes with ‘The Battle II’. Where in May 2020 the world tried to arm itself against the Covid virus, ‘the weapon’ itself is currently being used. The billions of ‘shots’ that are now being taken worldwide must lead to our newfound freedom that is so desired. Are these vaccines going to bring us back to pre-covid life before ‘The battle’ or will there always be a battle between humanity and the virus?

      ‘A Shot for freedom’ is the text that accompanies the warring woman in the work of Maayke Schuitema. The syringe is her weapon for her freedom. She stands alone and is unique in her emotion, but at the same time she is just a patient number. The different vaccine brands are printed in white in the background. The red boxing gloves emphasize our struggle, in every form; against the virus, against the government, against the obligation, for your health, for your freedom…

      Maayke makes a lot of work based on current events, let’s hope that next year she will no longer have to wear her boxing gloves at ‘The Battle III’.


      Framed: €525 incl black wooden frame on black passe-partout paper with glass | size approx 45 : 31 inch