2023 is the world's hottest year on record. Goddess Durga is fire, does she save her Earth by burning humanity's footprint?
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      Globally, 2023 hottest year on record!

      According to the stories, the supreme goddess Durga overpowered the great demon who threatened to destroy the earth. She protects her by punishing this demon called humanity’s footprint and it seems she’s working at full strength with heat, fire, smoke and suffocation. Mother Earth is feverish, exhausted and rapidly growing hotter. We demand much more from her than she can give us. We already need 2 Earths to feed us. Carelessly and selfishly, we are depleting our planet, and those actions come with a price that goes beyond dollars. Records are broken this year. To name a few; Fires burned about 5% of the entire forest area of Canada. The fires in Tenerife were the worst in 40 years. Chile is experiencing the worst mega-drought in a thousand years, with a bizarre number of hectares burning to the ground. Beautiful Hawaii experienced a fourfold increase in the number of fires. The heatwave engulfing Greece was set to be the longest in its history stirring up 80 wildfires… 

      Because of the resources that humanity extracts from the earth and the burning of fossil fuels we made 2023 the most destructive forest fire season ever! We’re making a ‘hot mess’ of it. No wonder Durga is pissed!

      4-Color silkscreen print and stamps op Bhutanese paper