The Conflict

'Save the Children' from the Gaza-Israel conflict
54 : 39 cm | Part of BOX2023


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“What is also true is what Hamas did is horrible, there is no justification for it.
 What is also true is that the occupation and what’s happening to Palestinians is unbearable
 What is also true is there’s a history of the jewish people and the madness of anti-semitism
 What is also true is there are people right now who are dying who have nothing to do with what Hamas did
 What is also true is you can’t speak the truth. You can pretent to speak the truth and you can speak one side of the truth
 What is also true is you can maintain your moral innocence but nobody’s hand are clean
 What is also true is If you what to solve the problem then you have to take in the whole truth
Because we can’t save the children without each others help!”
Barack Obama on the Gaza–Israel conflict – November 3rd, 2023
3-Color silkscreen print on cotton paper